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We’ve forged a reputation as the leading uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories provider in the region – and we’re delighted with the utility and value that we’ve brought to our customers since our inception so many years ago. We are determined to offer our customers the very best customer service experience, and that means that you’ll get the final outcome that you’ve always wanted.

1. uPVC Double Glazed Windows Newhaven

Modern UPVC Double Glazed Window Unit newhaven

At uPVC Windows & Doors Newhaven, we’ve shown time and time again that we’re more than capable of taking on the window replacement and installation needs of our customers throughout the Newhaven, East Sussex area. The exterior windows across your property play a crucial role in protecting the interior spaces of your property, but they also have a substantial impact on the comfort and attractiveness of the interior of the property too. Our material of choice is uPVC – and we believe this is far and away the best material to use when it comes to window installations. uPVC windows, doors, and conservatories are blessed with impressive physical durability and resistive quality, and they come in a broad range of styles and colours. If you’re considering a new window installation at your property, the best course of action is certainly to bring in our specialists without delay.

Weather Resistance

One of the oft-talked about difficulties in the UK is the weather. We’re sometimes talked about as having a lot of rain, a lot of grey days, and a lot of wind (sometimes unfairly!). This can be particularly challenging for a property that is constantly exposed to these conditions, as they get no respite, and for many materials, this can lead to decay and deterioration over the long run. This is particularly true of timber, which, although attractive, is known to struggle with these conditions without protective treatments. Our uPVC casement window and sash windows, alongside the use of triple glazing, do an excellent job at managing these forces. They don’t decay or rot, and they’re corrosion-proof too – so you’ll get many uninterrupted years of service from them.

Styles and Colours

The windows across your property are obviously, first and foremost, a practical part of the building – but there’s no escaping that they also have a considerable impact on the aesthetic of the building too. Many people would prefer to have window frames that aren’t white, something that restricted the use of uPVC in the past, but that’s not an issue you need to contend with anymore. Our uPVC coloured windows come in a range of grains and colours, ensuring that you’re going to have access to something that suits your property perfectly.

Long-Lasting Value

We’ve already spoken a little about the physical excellence associated with uPVC, but it’s worth revisiting. While the physical properties guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy the installations without the need for extensive maintenance and upkeep, it’s also an indicator that your installation will last for many long years without the need for a replacement. That means more money in your back pocket to spend elsewhere.

Installation Expertise

If you’re going to have a new uPVC window installation completed at your property, it’s important to bring in an installer service that has seen and done it all – and can guarantee that you’ll get exactly what you’re looking for. Our experience shows that we can be trusted and relied on even with the most demanding service requests.

2. uPVC Doors Newhaven

White uPVC window with a black composite door in newhaven

The doors across your property’s exterior are an important aspect that bear considerable thought. While it’s clear that these doors will serve your property as a practical addition, primarily, it’s also obvious that they have a marked impact on the visual performance of the building too. In the past, some people had the impression that uPVC doors had neither the practical nor aesthetic quality to serve a property with any real distinction – but that’s been quickly dispelled in recent years. At uPVC Windows & Doors Newhaven, we have extensive experience with the design and installation of uPVC doors and windows of every type, and we’re confident that you’ll be delighted with the results that we produce on your behalf – should you choose our team for the job. If you’d like to hear more about the uPVC doors service that we can offer, either read on below or reach out to our customer service representatives today.

Types of Door

Properties have many different types of door. Although uPVC is largely associated with installations like French doors and patio doors, it can also be used for other types of doors as well. At our company, we’ve provided design and installation expertise for front doors, bi-fold doors, patio doors, and French doors many, many times over – and the quality that we offer is consistently high throughout all of these provisions. If you require any of these doors, you can rest assured that we can give you what you’re looking for.

Practical Performance

First and foremost, exterior doors are a practical addition to a property, and as such, they need to show that they’re of a high enough quality to match up to the job. A door that begins to decay and deteriorate when exposed to torrid weather conditions, for example, clearly isn’t up to the task. While that might be a concern with a door constructed from wood, that isn’t the case with a uPVC door. This material overcomes demanding physical conditions with ease, and the bottom line is that you won’t need to worry about replacing the door any time soon as a result.

Insulation Performance

Thermal bridging is the process of air escaping through an uncovered pocket in the perimeter of your property – essentially, it’s the path of least resistance for heat energy in your property. If you have a poor insulator as a door and frame for your property, you’re going to suffer from this problem. That means the interior of your property is going to be cooler and less comfortable, which is clearly the last thing that you want.

Cost-Effective Choices

It’s not just lower comfort levels that your property will suffer from if you don’t choose an excellent insulator – like uPVC – for your door. It’s also going to mean increased utility bills, and that can really add up over the years. Given the relatively low upfront installation cost and the lack of treatments and maintenance solutions required, it’s clear that uPVC is the number one, most cost-effective choice for any door at your property.

3. uPVC Roofline (Fascia, Soffit, Bargeboards and Guttering) Newhaven

uPVC Facsia soffit and guttering newhaven

If your property is going to retain its optimal condition over the entirety of the time that you’re living there, it’s clear that you’ll need to look after every different part of its exterior shell. The exterior walls, windows, doors, and frames are all incredibly important – as is the building’s roof – but the roofline is another area that demands your attention. If you neglect this part of your property, you’re likely to pay the price later down the line. The roofline is critically important not just for the protection of other exterior elements of the property, but also for the interior spaces that matter most. At uPVC Windows & Doors Newhaven, we’ve got a huge wealth of experience when it comes to the installation and replacement of the various elements that make up the roofline, so you can rest assured that you’ll get the very best results if you choose our team. Learn more about what we can do for you by reading on below.

Understanding the Roofline

Before we get down to the more intricate complexities relating to the roofline, we first need to ensure that you know exactly what it is – after all, this is not an aspect of a property that many people give much (or any) thought to. In the most basic terms, the roofline is the part of your property’s structure that acts as a seam between the building’s roof and the other external elements (the walls). It’s composed of the fascias, the soffits, the guttering, and the bargeboards. If any of these components become damaged or decayed, the entirety of your property could become vulnerable to further damage. The installation of high value, high utility uPVC components can offer substantial protection from these risks.

Why Rooflines Matter

You might be wondering why such an unheralded, disregarded part of your property matters – why is it so important? It pretty much boils down to the fact that this part of the building’s structure acts as a barrier for the physical forces that would otherwise cause trouble in the interior of your property. A well-built roofline blocks out wind, rain, sun, and snow – and given uPVC’s weather-resistant nature, it’s the ideal choice.

Top Durability

As mentioned previously, the roofline has a critically important role in protecting your property from harm. uPVC is a particularly popular choice thanks to its durability and resistance in the face of torrid weather conditions. It looks especially attractive when compared with an alternative like timber – which has real trouble managing moisture and UV exposure without the regular assistance of protective treatments and solutions.

Retaining Visual Quality

People spend a huge amount of time getting their properties into a condition that they’re happy with, so it’s incredibly frustrating when that hard work is undone by destructive weather. If you have a deteriorating roofline, you ought to explore the idea of replacement gutters and fascias, and even a barge board replacement – since these uPVC-constructed components will not decay or decline, and will continue to look as good as possible.

4. Conservatories Newhaven

white uPVC conseratory newhaven

More and more property owners throughout the United Kingdom are making the decision to install conservatories – and that is far from surprising. Conservatories have always been a desirable, aspirational feature for prospective property owners, but the prohibitively expensive installation procedures of years gone by have meant that only a smaller portion of the population has been able to access this wonderful addition. Nowadays, that’s all changed. At uPVC Windows & Doors Newhaven, we’re happy to help with the installation of uPVC conservatories of the highest standard, and we do so whilst offering our services at highly affordable and competitive price points. If you’re considering adding a conservatory to your property, you’re not going to find a more accomplished or reputable team anywhere in the Newhaven, East Sussex area. For anybody with lingering doubts or questions, our customer service team can be reached over the phone or online – and they’d be happy to provide clarity.

Flexible Space

One of the reasons that conservatories are incredibly popular throughout the UK is that they offer such comprehensive and flexible utility. They give you a taste of the outdoors – when it wouldn’t actually be pleasant to be outside – while retaining the comfort of indoors. They’re routinely used for dining, relaxing, reading, entertaining, and some people even use them as gardening spaces. Best of all, the nature of these additions means that you can change how it’s used on the fly – so it can serve a wide range of purposes over the years, should you wish it to.

Practical Performance

Sometimes we have our customers ask us about the performance of uPVC conservatories, with worries often centred on the comfort and durability of these property additions – and we’re always happy to report that these fears are totally unfounded. Modern uPVC conservatories are rugged and durable – and more than capable of withstanding even the most torrid weather conditions. On top of that, they’re excellent at insulating the interior space, which means that they’re comfortable both in colder and warmer weather across the year.

Affordable Installation

If you’re concerned about the cost of installing a conservatory, you’re not alone – we’re often asked by people “how much does a conservatory cost?” – but there’s no reason to get too anxious. The installation cost of a uPVC conservatory will obviously depend on the design and size of the space, but it’s much more affordable than it’s ever been previously. We’re certainly confident that none of the other businesses that can add a conservatory to your house will be able to match up to the value on offer with us.

Improving Home Valuations

Of course, when it comes to money, conservatories can actually positively impact your bank balance over the long run. Given that these are desirable property features, the addition of a conservatory can actually raise the valuation of your property, and make it more saleable generally. Thought of in this sense, the money that you use here is actually more of an investment.

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