uPVC Windows & Doors Leicester

We are the leading provider of uPVC windows and doors Leicester has ever seen. For many years now, we have been bringing a higher calibre of household installation products to our clients across the county. We work hard to deliver better standards to our customers, never wavering on our commitment to quality. That is because we truly believe that every home deserves the best and feel proud to be playing our part in achieving this.

1. uPVC Double Glazed Windows Leicester

Sliding sash double glazed windows

Your windows are some of the most crucial installations in your home. While they primarily serve the purpose of letting you see the world around you and letting natural light stream indoors, choosing the right kind of window can do so much more. That is why we recommend that all our clients go for the absolute best and choose to fit new uPVC windows for their home. Our range of products is comprehensive, providing you the best quality in any style of your choosing. They are energy-efficient, stylish, and most of all affordable. So, if you demand the best windows for your home in Leicester, we are the ones that you need to call. We can also serve you if you need new or replacement doors.

New Window Installation

When you trust us for your new window installation, your needs come first. We want to make sure that all our clients have the best kinds of fixtures delivered to them so that they can feel the same satisfaction for many years to come. Of course, we know that means something different for everybody and that is why we are committed to delivering such a great range of options every time. Therefore, all you need to do is let us know the kinds of aesthetics and functions that you are looking for and you can leave it to us, to bring you a clean, precise, and secure new installation.

Replacement Windows

Just as much so, if you have an old window installation that you wish to replace, you can rest assured that we are up to the task of doing so. While you already know that our installations are top-notch, you will no doubt be pleased to hear that we apply equal care and quality to every step of the replacement. That means that you can depend on us for a careful and secure replacement every time, with no harm coming to your walls, roof, or any other part of your home. Again, just be sure to let us know about the style that you want to see delivered and we will be sure to deliver it.

Our Window Styles

No other team can match our great array of options when it comes to uPVC window styles. We have something for everyone, whether you are looking for standard double-glazed windows or a premium style of triple glazed. You can come to us for anything at all, be it casement windows, sash windows, or simply windows with a unique colour and appearance. Whatever it is that you want, we can promise we are up to the task of supplying.

Great Prices

But if our great quality and variety of options are not enough to convince you that we are the best team to call for your new windows, we know that our great prices will. You simply are not going to come across such a great selection of windows as ours for such affordable prices. So, if you demand the best in quality for the best price, you know that we should always be your first port of call.

2. uPVC Doors Leicester

uPVC Composite front door leicester

Few installations at home have quite as important of a role to play as your exterior doors. Tasked with keeping you safe and secure from intruders and the force of the elements, they are absolutely essential and deserve the best. You would not want anything of poor quality as this could leave you and your property exposed. Instead, you want to make sure that you have highly functional installations that can bring something to your wider household curb appeal. Luckily for you, that is precisely what we can supply you with. Offering the fullest selection of uPVC door options anywhere in the city of Leicester, you can count on us to help achieve superior standards for your front and back doors. Just be sure to let us know the ideas you have in mind and we would be glad to find the perfect option for you.

New Door Installation

Our team has been installing new uPVC doors for many years now. We have seen first-hand the dramatic improvements they can make to our customers’ houses and we are keen to deliver this to as many as possible. Thanks to our great selection of styles, we have been able to create some incredibly beautiful new fixtures, while also guaranteeing functional success. They are durable, resistant, and incredibly energy efficient, helping our clients to maximize the advantages on every occasion. And, if you were to trust us with the installation of your new door, we could undoubtedly promise just the same.

Replacement Doors

Just as much so, if you are looking to replace an existing door, we would be just as up to the task. Not only are we experts in creating strong and secure installations, but we are also able to deliver clean and precise replacements, too. No matter what kind of door or door frame you have in place, we can aid you in seamlessly replacing it for one of our premium upgrades. No damage will come to your home in any way, meaning that in no time at all, you will be able to reap the full benefits from your replacement.

Our Door Styles

One of the reasons we have found so much success for our clients is that we have a wide variety of different styles to offer to them. We understand that everybody has their own ideas and needs for their doors, and we are determined to deliver every one of these. So, whether you have been searching for new bi-fold, patio, French, or simple front doors, you can rest assured that we have a fantastic array of options to bring to you.

Great Prices

But perhaps more so than anything else, the reason that you should be coming to us for all your new uPVC door installations and replacements is that we can offer them for lower prices than anyone else in town. None of our competitors can compete with the affordable rates we have to offer and so, when you want the best for less, we are the only ones you need to call.

3. uPVC Roofline (Fascia, Soffit, Bargeboard, and Guttering) Leicester

uPVC fascia soffit & guttering leicester

uPVC is one of the best materials you could hope to use to both decorate and protect your roofline. When you decide to use uPVC fascia, soffit, and barge boards, you can give your Leicester home a clean, stylish look and know that it will stand the test of time. It is the ideal material for protection against wear and the constant force of the elements, certain to make good on your investment and remain low maintenance. You just want to make sure that you are getting the best quality products available to you and that is precisely why you ought to be coming to us. At uPVC Windows & Doors Leicester, we can promise you premium uPVC roofline products and services, guaranteed to bring you the high levels of quality you demand.

New Fascias and Soffits

Fascias and soffits are essential to every home. Without them, you could be leaving your roofline seriously exposed to potential damages, something which could one day prove to cost hefty sums of money. Conversely, if you were to fit our high-quality products around your roofline, you would be able to keep yours protected for the long term. Moreover, you could add much greater detail and boost your curb appeal. So, take a look through the many aesthetic soffit and fascia options that we have available and give your home the great upgrade it needs.

New Guttering

Another highly effective way to employ uPVC around your roofline is through your guttering. There is no better material to use for your gutters, thanks to the amazing range of qualities it brings. uPVC is exceptionally durable, waterproof, and will aid in the free movement of water, making it perfectly suited for the job. So, allow our team to fit a customized new guttering system for you and we can promise to see you reaping the benefits immediately.


Just as much so, if you have an old installation that you would like our help replacing, we would be just as glad to offer our support. Be it for an old soffit or fascia installation, or simply some damaged gutters, we can always promise you a swift, clean, and seamless replacement. All the old material will be carefully removed, ensuring that no damage comes to the rest of your roofline. Then, we will fit you one of our fantastic new products with the same high levels of quality and care that we are so well known for.

Affordable Prices

But while you already know that you can depend on us for the greatest standards of quality every time, that is not the only reason you need to be coming to us. In addition to this, you should choose us because we can promise you more affordable prices than any of our competitors. You simply will not find any other company that can match us on quality for the same low rates that we can promise. So, assure yourself of the maximum value for money and trust in us, today.

4. Conservatories Leicester

White uPVC Lean to Conservatory leicester

Few home improvements are quite so premium as a conservatory. When you have your own glass room to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors and streams of natural light from, it makes your entire space more pleasant. Moreover, it can add significant value to your property as a whole, giving it a unique, highlighting feature to enjoy. So, if you are considering installing a new conservatory in your home, you should seek out the absolute best without settling. That is why, when you are in search of a new conservatory installation in the city of Leicester, you ought to be coming to us. At uPVC Windows & Doors Leicester, we can promise you a premium uPVC conservatory, with the quality glass options you demand. Just speak to us about your unique needs and we would be glad to deliver them.

New Conservatory Installation

When you trust your new conservatory installation to us, you assure yourself of the absolute best. We only ever make use of the best quality materials in line with preferential design, to bring you the thing that you really want. From strong, long-lasting foundations at its core to sleek, stylish walling and windows, we will give every feature the same high-quality that you expect. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of craftsmanship and so, whenever you place your faith in us, you know that your money will be well spent.

Custom Design

Our primary objective is to bring every one of our clients the perfect new conservatory for them. However, we know that we cannot do that without making each one unique to every client. That is why we are committed to offering custom design on every job that we do. With us, you can decide on your choice of shape, size, colour, as well as any additional aesthetic details, until you are completely satisfied with the design. So, be sure to let us know of any details you would like us to include in your design and we would glad to execute it.

Windowing Options

One of the most important things to consider with your new conservatory installation is your windowing. Glass is the most important feature of any conservatory and for this reason, you want to assure yourself of the best quality. You want something clear and effectively implemented, just as much as you do energy-efficient and long-lasting. Fortunately, our team has various excellent double and triple glazed glass options to offer you, guaranteed to help you potentiate the benefits of your installation.

Unmatched Prices

But above all else, the reason that you should be coming to us with all your new conservatory plans is that we can help you achieve them for the best prices anywhere in town. No other team in Leicestershire can guarantee you the same great quality for the low prices that we can. So, if you have aspirations of achieving the most with your new installation, you know that we always need to be your first port of call.

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